We’ve all seen them. Huge billboards on the side of the highway that basically screams for you to stop and pay them a visit. While on the road we have seen everything from wineries to driving a freaking tank! With so many attractions on the side of the highway, how do we know which are legit and which are just a waste of time? To find out I have decided to start documenting these places whenever we stop at one during our travels from now on, starting with Lane Southern Orchards in Georgia.

When I think of Georgia I think of peaches, so after seeing sign after sign on our way to Atlanta, we decided to stop at Lane Southern Orchards. Why, would a Texas boy like me pass up a Texas staple like Buc-ee’s to go check out a farm you might ask? Honestly, it was the billboard’s doing. A glorious picture of a peach orchard, peach cobbler, pecan pie, pulled pork, peach cobbler syrup and to top it off all a sweet peach wine! A mouthwatering combination of Georgian junk food that if done right could make you wanna slap yo mama! Pardon my Southern slang, but it’s a must in this situation.

So after getting off the exit and driving for about 5 miles, we arrived at Lane. I must say, that after seeing so many signs and zero research I was a little worried about today’s little adventure. However, I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. The farm reminded me of a big country restaurant like you might find in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg Tennessee. It had rocking chairs on the porch, swinging benches, and a cute little playground with vintage tractors on it. Kids were outside flying kites and people were out playing with their dogs in the fields. Everyone at Lane had one thing in common, they were all smiling and happy.

Before I go any further let me start by saying that I have a very picky 6-year-old and a 13-year-old who only has video games and random questions about girls on his mind. Yet, when the doors opened up at Lane’s roadside market,- it was as if time stood still for a moment. Like an old cartoon, we all looked at each other when the sweet smell of Southern junk food came rushing through the entrance. I watched as their little minds opened up to all of the delicious possibilities Lane had to offer. They immediately ran through the store grabbing syrups, jams, excitedly looking for things to buy, and rightfully so.

There was quite a bit of stuff in the market that I had never seen before- hot peaches, pickled peaches, vanilla peaches, spiced peaches! Peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches! All made fresh possibly hours ago. There was so much peach merchandise- peach syrup, peach pecan pie, peach jellies, I didn’t know what to buy! Being that we were on a time schedule Nat began bringing us back down to earth. She picked up a peach cobbler pancake syrup for her father and I grabbed a peach sample with my son and then picked up a bottle of that sweet peach wine that caught our eyes from the billboard.

After grabbing our goodies we took the kids to the quick service line so they could get some ice cream but we ended up being surprised again. Lane had a ton of delectable goodies, everything from pulled pork sandwiches to a gigantic peach fritter that was about the size of my head! If you’re a regular on our channel you already know that it was a must for me to order the fritter. Since we were at a peach farm in Georgia I had to also try a peach cobbler. My son ordered a creamsicle milkshake and my daughter picked up a chocolate cake pop which we could not film since it magically disappeared before we could take pictures or record it. However, we were told that it was delicious by the little culprit. My son loved his creamsicle milkshake and was extremely happy with his purchase. Nat, coming from Georgia stock, can be a bit hard on anybody’s cobbler that’s not her mom or dad’s said it was good but would like it to be way more juicy and prefers more of a pastry breading on the top of the cobbler. However, we both agreed that it had a delightful flavor and a nice little crunch. The peach fritter was pretty good as well. The breading was light and airy with a nice peachy taste. The one thing I’d like more of would be peach bits throughout. Other than the sheer size of it makes it worth the price alone.

Overall everything we had at Lane was tasty and the overall theming, merchandise, and the smell of the store were fantastic! We enjoyed every minute we spent there and would love to go back to try more of their sweet treats and possibly experience a tour of the farm and packaging. I would say that if you are on your way to Atlanta from Florida or vice versa and you’re looking for a great place to take a little break stop in at Lane and check them out. It’s definitely a roadside attraction worth your time and money and your taste buds will thank you.