Opening Its doors just days before St. Augustine’s premiere Christmas lights celebration – Nights Of Lights, Peace Love & Little Donuts is wowing guests one incredible mini donut at a time. The question is with so many food, snack, and sweet treat options, does St. Augustine really need another one? And is there really ever too much of a good thing and are they any good? That’s actually three questions now that I think about it. Regardless we’re going to answer them all.

As usual, we were roaming the city looking for a snack for the kids during the Nights of Lights event when I realized Delish Kabobs, a place I had frequented multiple times had closed, and in its stead was Peace Love & Little Donuts. As you may already know I am a huge donut fan so when I saw this place I just had to give them a try. However, since we were there filming the event, we didn’t have the time to stop in then. So we had to wait and return to visit this donut shop in February.

Originally from Pittsburgh, this shop itself obviously hits that 60’s to 70’s hippie vibe. From the colors and funky psychedelic paintings to the hippie cutouts, this entire shop is pretty much a selfie spot that screams hippie fun. The display is absolutely ridiculous showcasing a vast variety of flavor combinations that will tease the nose, please the eyes, and have you opening your wallet in no time. With over 70 fantastic flavors of plump little donut goodness, the only question is where to start! We first tried some specialty donuts that they use a torch to make and then quickly turned around and bought a 6 pack … supposedly for the kids.

So what’s better than specialty donuts? Donuts that are made with a torch, of course! We tried three of these little guys- the s’mores with roasted marshmallows, the Robert Brûlée, and the famous maple bacon. Yes, before you ask, they do torch the bacon, and man is it good! The s’mores donut was definitely a treat. With a chocolate icing base, graham cracker crumbs, roasted marshmallows, and drizzled in more chocolate, this donut was a delight and one of Nat’s favorites. The Robert Brûlée donut, inspired by the actor Robert Goulet, is a wonderful creme brûlée donut that’s torched lightly and tastes fantastic.

Within the six-pack, we had a blueberry muffin, cinnamon roll, strawberry shortcake, datil, caramel macchiato, and Valentine’s sprinkle. Collectively, every donut in the six-pack was plump, fluffy, and very good! Our favorites were the strawberry shortcake and the blueberry muffin. The blueberry muffin had a nice helping of blueberry sauce or jelly on it and the icing was thick and creamy. The strawberry shortcake was extremely flavorful and very fun to eat. The delightful flavors of each donut lasted for a while even after finishing them which made for a very pleasant donut experience.

There you have it! The donuts we had at Peace Love and Little Donuts were phenomenal, the service was excellent, and the speed at which the donuts were prepared was amazing. So to answer the question, well all three questions, does St. Augustine really need another sweet treat option? The answer to that question is if it’s Peace Love and Little Donuts it’s a resounding yes! An additional 70 good things to try in St. Augustine is a welcoming treat and these little things are so good I can see myself making excuses to get there. We’re thanking the owners of this cool little shop every chance we get! You should definitely swing in if you’re in the area and check them out! You can even bring your dog!

Special Thanks to Jen and Brad (two of the owners), Brandon, and Joann for making our time in the shop a fantastic and delicious one. ~ London

Peace Love & Little Donuts – 12 Cathedral Place St. Augustine, Florida 32084 / 904-342-0369 /@PLLDStAugustne