“During a time when some plans have been modified and others have been cancelled, these tips have been keeping my family and I motivated, handling our wanderlust, and teeming with a positive outlook.”

Managing Wanderlust When You Can’t Wander

No matter how much someone is off their couch, out and about, or seeing the world, in a lot of cases there comes a time when travel comes to a halt for a while, and they find themselves back at home dreaming of their next vacation or upcoming adventure. Especially during these times, when travel is not easily accessible or practical. While some are staying home and others are exploring closer to home, the desire to visit an exotic or faraway destination or the wanderlust is still there for many. The thought of not being able to go where you want to go, when you want to go may be upsetting. Yet I feel this feeling of disappointment can be put to good use to manage wanderlust and catapult you closer to your next dream trip when the time is right! So who’s up for dreaming and planning an upcoming trip along with me?! Together we can plan, save, prepare and research our upcoming destinations!

Plan, Plan, Plan!

You can’t be accused of over planning if you have plenty of time to prepare, right?! This is the perfect time to download or request travel guides by mail. If you haven’t already zoned in on a destination, it’s a great time to gather all the necessary information and start getting specific about your trip. Plan a sample itinerary. Prioritize activities that are most important and discover how many days you may need to allot for the trip. Read reviews, watch YouTube travel videos (i.e. Off Our Couch), and scour through menus. These are all particulars that you may not have time for normally. While you’re in the comfort of your home, uncovering the details will keep the love of travel ignited while protecting your itinerary and budget.

Use the information you find to work up a budget. Now that you know exactly what you want to accomplish, you know how much money you need to set aside. If the numbers don’t look right, now is the time to check out pricing for different seasons as well as discounts that may be available.

Save, Save, Save!

If you’re like me, saving for a year or longer is daunting, more like nearly impossible, to be honest. Knowing that it may be quite a while before I can realistically travel to some of the faraway places I’ve always dreamed of, makes the idea of long-term savings an easier pill to swallow. If you can relate, it’s a fantastic time to take that magic number from the proposed budget and start breaking it up into manageable chunks. Maybe you want to divide the total and then set aside that amount over the next few paychecks, or perhaps you want to come up with creative ways to save for the grand total and not have to modify your everyday spending. In my Vacationing off of Pennies blog, I discuss an unconventional way to start saving in case to get you need a creative idea to get started. Whichever way you choose, when it’s finally time to go, you’ll be ready! Plus, your mind will be positively focused on your future travels, and you’ll still relish in the excitement of an upcoming trip!

Time to prepare!

So you decided on your future trip or trips and you’re starting to put money aside. You may think there’s nothing left to do, or perchance you say to yourself, “Hey, my trip to Japan would be even more fulfilling if I knew some helpful Japanese words or phrases!” Or maybe you think, ”The pictures of me on the beach would really be Instagram-worthy if I could just get back into my favorite swimsuit.” And perhaps you’re thinking aloud and mumble, “The climb to the top of Mount Denali would be less difficult with more climbing experience.” While you’re busy planning and saving for a far-off trip, it’s a great time to learn new skills and improve upon older skills. Learning something new not only benefits you in your day-to-day life, by providing a healthy outlet, it also keeps your mind in expectation of the trip.

Research your destination

While you’re waiting to see the places you’re planning, saving, and preparing for, there are so many opportunities for virtual tours of many museums as well as live cams into aquariums! Check out documentaries and informational shows about your upcoming trip too. Now is the time to sit back and imagine you’re actually there, taking in all the scenery and partaking in all the action! Time moves fast and before you know it, you most likely will be there! During a time when some plans have been modified and others have been cancelled, these tips have been keeping my family and I motivated, handling our wanderlust, and teeming with a positive outlook. What methods are you using to manage wanderlust and keep the dream of travel alive? Leave your great ideas in the comments and let’s stay motivated together!