Are These Things Worth The Money?

“Granny‘s Apple Fries were crispy, hot, salty, sweet, and everything in between.”

Fries! Fries! Fries! I Love French Fries! I have had fries from the U.S. to Asia and one thing rings true; if fries are done right, they can be downright amazing. As a kid in Hawaii, my favorite snack was my mom’s green banana fries. I loved other fries as well, but mom’s banana fries were awesome. Since starting Off Our Couch, we have encountered all sorts of fries, but I have never heard of apple fries before. That all ended last weekend when we took a trip to film the newly reopened Legoland in Winter Haven, Florida.

I’ll be honest, this wasn’t in our original plans. My kids were whining about getting ice cream, and I was beyond starving and ready to leave the park. My wife, trying to save the day, asked me if I wanted to try the apple fries. We had seen them before, but normally there is a line wrapped around the building, but in current mask wearing times, August of 2020, there was no line at all. I won’t lie; I wanted Giordano’s Pizza so I kind of had an attitude about just getting a snack. Apple fries did sound kind of interesting so I begrudgingly walked up and placed the order. Legoland sells them two ways, either with soft serve ice cream or with a side of whipped cream and caramel. Both read as something I wanted to try, but I opted for the latter. My wife noticed that the lady who normally works at the icee station was behind the counter so I immediately thought, “Uh oh!” Skeptical, I waited to see if I had just made a $5.00 mistake. Since it was a slow day, I got to watch as they dropped the fries into the oil, sweetly seasoned them, and then piled the hot, rectangular slices into an unassuming yellow cup.

As you probably know by now, most of our videos and blogs are family friendly and our children are usually present. So needless to say, once this came out, I was in for a fight. I attempted to take pictures and video as my kids circled the yellow cup like hungry vultures. After finally, somewhat heroically, fighting the kids off, I set the camera down, and they begin to obliterate my apple fries. I thought to myself, ”There’s no way they are that good?” As I went in for my first bite, I immediately realized that Legoland wasn’t messing around! These things were good, I mean really good! Granny‘s Apple Fries were crispy, hot, salty, sweet, and everything in between. Have I mentioned caramel and whipped cream? It had

a rather large swirl of whipped cream that attached to the yellow cup I initially scoffed at. Along with that was a little sauce cup of caramel for dipping. Alone, the fries had great flavor but when you add the toppings, the tasty treat zoomed to the next level. This may sound ridiculous, but I literally had to bribe my kids with ice cream to get them to stop eating them, but even the promise of a sweet, cold treat on a hot, humid day didn’t stop my 10 year old from ravaging my fries.

In an attempt to describe the sensational taste that I was experiencing, I’d say imagine double fried french fries and a sea salted caramel apple, dusted with cinnamon and sugar, then dolloped with a huge swirl of whipped cream. It’s good… no lie! I’m not normally a fan of theme park food, with the exception of some things at Disney, but this is right up my alley! I didn’t comprehend it before but now I see what all the fuss is about. This is why the line is always wrapped around the building! So if you’re ever at Legoland Florida or Legoland California and feel the urge to try something a little different from the norm, this is a great place to start. Just make sure that if you bring kids, you buy two, because sharing is definitely not a viable option.