Learning nontraditionally and unexpectedly!

There are many reasons why I love getting off the couch- fresh air, a change in environment, an opportunity to meet new people, the activity of getting up and moving, the accumulation of life experiences, a reason to pull my son away from Minecraft, and the pleasure of experiencing something different from the norm. Of all those reasons to love getting off the couch, my favorite is experiencing something different from the norm. I recently realized when I experience something different from my normal day-to-day activities, the majority of the time I discover or learn something new. And learning when I least expect it and while I’m enjoying myself is something I always welcome!

Of course, this is an achievement I could accomplish at home, on the couch, perhaps by reading an intriguing book or tuning into an educational program on television. For some reason, these ideas don’t naturally appeal to me. I love to read, but it’s not a guarantee that I’ll pull something vital from every book. When I sit down to watch TV after a long day, I generally like to enjoy a laugh rather than settle down for an informative documentary. Maybe I don’t find these options appealing because of the type of learner that I am. To be totally honest, I think it’s just my preference. If I can learn something new and interesting while enjoying fresh air, exploring a different environment, meeting new people, staying active, gaining life experience, and pulling my son away from the powerful trance of blocky mobs and bricks, I consider the outing a resounding success. I have a mindset to always be learning; I hold a goal to learn something new every day. And if I can accomplish this objective and gain other benefits by just getting off the couch, then getting dressed and heading out the door is always an incentive!